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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Better Travel Day–Mississippi to Tennessee

only four hours on the road today. . .the only bit of drama. . .

Tennessee State Road 4. . .Dave was not a fan of the narrow lanes and non existent shoulders. . .

Dave was not a fan of Tennessee State Road 4’s

narrow lanes and nonexistent shoulders. ..

fortunately, that only lasted about an hour.
I was trying to tell him to just take his half out in the middle. . .

oncoming traffic could squeeze by. . .right!

No problems. . .he did great!

Monaco, Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails, Saulsbury TN

and here we are. . .all settled in to

a beautiful spot in a beautiful park in Tennessee. . .

too bad we're "campin'". . .and "rougin' it". . .ha ha! 

Only 30 amp service and no sewer. . .whaaaaat. . .JK! 

We're lovin' it just fine. . .it's a lovely 64*. . .

we can sleep with the windows open. . .no worries. . .

just gotta go easy on the water usage,

(I made the supreme sacrifice,

and went to the bath house for my shower. . .gasp)

so we don't hafta go to the dump station. . .UGH!


the dogwoods are in full bloom. . .just fabulous!


We will be here for five nights. . .so we’ll get in some sightseeing tomorrow.

’Til then

Janice and Dave

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