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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 with the Family

We missed Christmas 2009 with the family, because we were the Activities Directors at an RV Park in San Antonio.  We didn't really think it would be that big of a deal. . .but boy were we wrong.  We really missed all the family get togethers, watching the kiddos open gifts, and having Christmas Eve with all the brothers and sisters. . .so this year, we headed home to Houston in time for the holidays.

The grandaughters spent part of their Christmas Break with us camped out on air mattresses in the middle of the living room floor. . .we entertained ourselves during the day by going shopping.  

Here are Emily and Morgan at the shopping mall. . .they could not resist doing this game called "Walking on Water."  They looked like little hamsters running around in their exercise ball.

Dave and I did our shopping at the Credit Union. . .since all our Grands are almost teenagers. . .they appreciate the cash. . .and we appreciate not having to wrap presents!

Because I goofed on Jordan's birthday gift, and accidentally put $5 into his birthday card instead of the normal $50 bill. . .I couldn't resist taping a $1 bill inside his Christmas card.

This is the look I got for my effort. . .

Back in the olden days, on Christmas Eve there were seventeen nieces and nephews ripping into presents at the same time. . .these days, we are down to only two under the age of ten.  
Daniel was raking in the cash. . .

and here is Sam. . .she hasn't gotten started on her gifts yet. . .

Even though it's a lot quieter, we still enjoy getting together with everyone over David's signature pot of seafood gumbo. . .and all the other goodies that everyone else brings. . .sure wish I had a bowl of those dumplings right now. . .they were great. . .and my brother in law managed to jazz up the green bean casserole. . .I had two helpings of that. . .

Here he is with his new bride, Patty.  We are so happy to welcome her to the family. . .and of course, everyone's favorite sister. . .not to mention that she's the only sister!

and here's the favorite sister, with her four gorgeous daughters . . .

Our beautiful niece Cherish, who is a senior this year. . .how could that be possible?

Kristina and her friend Aaron, along with Kody, and their Mom and Dad were wonderful hosts for our Christmas Eve get together.  Not sure how we missed getting pics of Mom and Dad, although I am sure they ducked everytime they saw the camera. . .hmmmm. . .next time I will work on that.

Here is my first born, Jon, along with his friend Shauna, and my oldest Grandaughter, Breaunna.  I am so annoyed that I had both my sons, and all four of my Grands under one roof, and did NOT manage to get a group picture. . .it may be a long time before I have that opportunity again. . .what was I thinking?

Here's Miss Morgan, my middle grandaughter. . .she acts so much like me it's frightening. . .Lord, help us all!, but she is a doll, and the light of my life. . .

Here are the three of them together. . .it doesn't get much better than this. . .my youngest grandaughter Emily in the middle is a wonder to behold.  She is the boss of them all. . .and they all do as she says. . .including her older brother.  I can't wait to watch her grow up and see what she becomes. . .she is going to be a force to be reckoned with. . .in the best possible way!

As you can tell, we had a wonderful Christmas.  We've now arrived back at Dad's place in East Texas. . .Dad had his cataract surgery early this morning. . .so we are anticipating great results from that.  Dad is excited that he will be able to see again.  Since he is blind in his left eye, this cataract on his right eye has really put a kink in his plans, so he is raring to go.  I'm sure once the eye doctor gives the okay, that we will go spend a couple of nights at the fish camp.

We are headed to the Rio Grand Valley mid January. . .stay tuned for more updates. . .

Janice and Dave
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas




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