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Friday, November 25, 2011

Evans Escapades–Camping Out in the Woods

Our beautiful Space #60 in the woods - 50 amp service - no sewer
Here we are all snuggled up in the woods in Sam Houston National Forest in a lovely little campground named Double Lake Recreation Area. . .
Double Lake Swimming Hole
Double Lake is consider the local “swimming hole.”  Sadly this is all there is of it at the moment. . .the drought has taken a toll on of the lakes in Texas. . .but this is the first one I have seen that is completely GONE!
Keith Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2011
Dave’s family reunion was just great. . .here’s a shot of the next generation of cuteness. . .the one on the right is our youngest nephew. . .of course we think he is just adorable. . .as are his second cousins!
Keith Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2011 - Bailey the Beggar - so adorable
This is Bailey the Beggar. . .she sat just like this then entire time I was eating. . .let me tell you . . .it was very difficult to resist that face. . .but resist I did. . .I didn’t dare feed someone else’s puppy table scraps. . .since I never fed them to my own dogs.

We head back to my Dad’s tomorrow. . .check on my Uncle who is in the hospital. . attend my niece’s wedding on Monday. . .then see you in Houston next week! - Most $25 Gift Certificates for on

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Evans Escapades–Still in College Station

Here we are, still in College Station until next Wednesday, when we’ll head over to Cleveland for the annual Thanksgiving Day Keith Family Reunion at Dave’s cousins.

We have a reservation made at Double Lake Recreation area. . .had no idea they had RV spaces.  The ranger called last week to verify our reservation, and to let us know the ban burn is still in effect. . .so no campfires, no charcoal grills, etc.  Not a problem for us. . .we’re looking forward to seeing the park’s setup, as this would be a really convenient place to stay on occasion.

When we leave there, we’ll stop by my Dad’s place for a couple of days. . .long enough to attend my niece’s wedding the Monday after Thanksgiving. ..then on to Houston to celebrate our oldest grandchild’s 17th birthday. . .unbelievable. . .and spend the rest of the holidays with the family.

Hoping to see you a few of you . . .let us know if you can work us into your schedule. . .ha ha! - Most $25 Gift Certificates for on

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Evans Escapades - A Week in the LIFE

We left the Thousand Trails Park on Lake Conroe a couple of weeks ago. . .
here's a shot of the boat docks from the park. . .no wonder the folks who live around the lake are screaming about the city taking an additional fifteen million gallons of water due to the drought. . .wow!

While we were there, we attended the not so great Cajun Festival. . .only worth it if you considered the entrance fee as going to a good cause, since it was a fundraiser for something or other. . .but. . .when the bus dropped us off. . .there was this beautiful mural. . .

I had no idea that Montgomery Country was the birthplace of the Texas Flag. . .hmmm. . .guess I'll be doing some research on that little tidbit of information. . .well, well, well. . .whaddayaknow. . .their website says they are considered to be  the birthplace of the Texas Flag. . .the guy who designed it lived there after all. . .but even Wikipedia gives them the credit. . .and they got this beautiful mural that says so. . .soooo. . .all righty then. . .that's good enough for me!

 So here we are in the beautiful town of College Station TX, until Thanksgiving. . .nothing much going on.

 I've dropped Dave off at the fire field a couple of times, so he can go do his thing. . .

We've found a great church to attend while we are College Station residents. . .felt like home from the moment we walked  in.  It's always great to feel at home worshiping with God's People. . .

 So even though nothing exciting is going on, I enjoy these down times to catch up on miscellaneous things that get overlooked when we are in travel mode. . .like filing. . .joy joy!. . .dusting. . .ha!. . .reading. . .now there's a good one!. . .and so on. . .
 We have a couple more weeks here. . .then we'll head to Cleveland TX for Dave's Thanksgiving Day Family Reunion. . .and then on to Houston, where we plan to be very, very busy, catching up with grands, family, eye doctor appts. . .and such. . .until Christmas.  . .

Enjoy your holidays!

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