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Monday, October 24, 2011

Evans Escapades: Rockdale TX

We arrived back in Texas about a month ago, made a pass by my Dad's place to check on the folks, picked up our newest teenage grand and her older sister for a birthday weekend, saw the dentist, (again). . .that was another painful $250. . .ouch!. . .visited the other grands. . .had lunch with RV friends, and got our TexMex fix at the same time. . .and that's about it. . .it's been a whirlwind.

This past week, we spent in Rockdale TX. . .BECAUSE. . .it is football season for Texas A&M. . .AND. . .all the football fans bring their RV's to College Station for the entire season. . .SO. . .unless you plan ahead, and make reservations (which we did not think to do). . .you cannot get an RV space anywhere in the vicinity. . .thus, Rockdale for a week, until a space opened up. . .and then today we moved to College Station for a month, while Dave gets his teaching schedule all lined out.

We had a fabulous summer trip. . .I'm so far behind on the blog, that you are. . .EVENTUALLY. . .going to get the condensed version with pics and links. . .and those who are interested can click on the links for more details.

I've decided to go back to our Evans Escapades Blog for our friends and family who are only interested in what we are up to. . .and use the Ready To Go Full Time RVing Blog for all my tales about living this lifestyle full time, info about RV parks we stay in, and travel details. . .

We are still LOVING the lifestyle. . .and look forward to seeing all of you soon for the holidays and such. . .

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