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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kennebunkport Maine

Maine, Kennebunkport, Town (57)

Kennebunkport Maine. . .a pretty little coastal village

Maine, Kennebunkport, Harbor, Boats (59)

with a pretty little harbor

Beach Path

a pretty little beach path

Maine, Kennebunkport ME, Coastal Maine (23)

overlooking the beautiful Maine Coast and Atlantic Ocean. . .

Maine, Kennebunkport, Bush Compound (45) (6)

but. . .being a Texan. . .there’s one main reason for stopping over in Kennebunkport.

To see with my very own eyes. . .the summer home of Bush 41. . .

Maine, Kennebunkport, Bush Compound, David, Janice (45) (8)

the Texas flag almost unfurled in the breeze. . .

Maine, Kennebunkport, Bush Compound (45) (9)United States Flag, Texas Flag, Maine FlagMaine, Kennebunkport, Bush Compound (45) (10)

plaque and anchor near the parking area

Maine, Kennebunkport, Tide Out, Coastal Maine (47)

a pretty little cove. . .tide’s out

Maine, Kennebunkport, Boats, skiff  (62)

and my favorite picture of the day. . .


loved seeing Kennbunkport. . .a great day for the memory bank. . .

‘til next time,

Janice and Dave

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