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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Evans Escapades–Life in the Slow Lane

Other than the thunder rumbling overhead,

and the rain pounding on the roof,

it’s been very, very quiet around here,


It’s raining so hard, water is pouring

down the side of the window,


and standing in the streets.

I certainly hope it will all drain right

into Lake Conroe. . .which is still

down about four feet.


We’ve taken advantage of some down time

to get some projects done


We got rid of Dave’s sad and pathetic desk,

and our file cabinet, which had seen a

few too many rough roads,

and replaced it with this setup

which we designed for our space.


I completely decluttered my desk,

and the entertainment center,

painted the entire background black,

which allows all of the components to blend in.

Once I get my curtains hung, it will be complete.


Speaking of decluttering,

I’ve been cleaning out cabinets,

drawers, and pantries.

Here’s my collection of stuff

that needs to be dropped

off at Goodwill on our

next trip to town.


I have almost all of our music CD’s

copied to the computer. . .


Only a few boxes of vacation videos

and pictures to go. . .


Dave only has two classes left to teach

before we head to Colorado for the summer. . .

so we’ll just enjoy the redbuds blooming.


Next weekend is our annual family reunion. . .

Should be a great time seeing all the cousins,

aunts, and uncles. . .


I know a lot of you are heading back north,

Travel safely,


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