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Friday, February 24, 2012

Evans Escapades–A Week in the Life

It’s been so great to be done with the repair shop, and to be back in our little RV home.
Since having the repairs done meant removing all the stereo components, etc. . .
we’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting everything back in order,
and doing “home improvements.”
I have one last chore for this round of improvements. . .
I am going to paint the background wall behind the entertainment center,
so that all the components blend in and disappear.
I’ll take a before and after pic, so you can see the difference. . .
and then we have one last major project. . .
to replace Dave’s desk before we call it done.

We have an “idea” of what we want done. . .so next week,
as we are moving the rig over to Conroe, we will stop in Brenham
to pick up the needed supplies. . .and then, of course
 once we are in Conroe, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, etc. . .
are just around the corner. . .dangerous! Ha Ha. . .
2012 Colorado River Preserve - Columbus TX
As I’ve said before, we really, really enjoy the peacefulness here at Columbus. . .
we’re often asked by those who don’t RV. . .what do you do with yourself all day?. . .
but we always seem to have plenty going on. . .we have our morning devotion,
and then I catch up with everyone on emails, and facebook,
or work on writing projects that I have going on. . .
I love to cook. . .and now that I don’t need to rush to get a meal on the table,
I’m learning to enjoy the process as much as the end result
.  Growing up, I learned to cook everything from scratch. . .
so I am going back to my roots.  Here are some lovely home made
buttermilk biscuits that we enjoyed this morning with sausage gravy. . .yum!
Cedar Waxwing
In the afternoons, I sit outside with my Kindle, my binoculars,
and the camera, watch the birds. . .isn't this Cedar Waxwing just beautiful?
Two Bucks in the field across from the RV Colorado River Preserve - Columbus TX
or the deer. . .and visit with the neighbors.
Colorado County Court House - Columbus TX
We did finally take a day last week to tour the pretty little historical town of
Columbus TX, which is the County Seat of Colorado County. . .
and has a beautiful Court House Square
Stained Glass lining the Cupola - located inside the District Court Room on the Second Floor of the Colorado County Court House - Columbus TX
including this gorgeous stained glass cupola inside the District Court Chambers. . .
I wrote a lot more about all the things we saw in Columbus on our RV’ing blog,, so if you would like to know more about
this lovely historic little town,
or see more pics, just click on the link. . .
Until our next adventure. . .safe travels,
Janice and Dave

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