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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Delayed in Houston

Trying to schedule a year's worth of doctors appointments into a months time is nigh unto impossible, so we have been delayed for a week getting finished with the last of all of it.

Poor Ralph was truly traumatized this morning.  Being the good son that he is, he picked us us from a minor surgery procedure that we both required.  We thought we were being crafty scheduling it at the same time, until they insisted that, due to the after effects of the anesthesia,  we would require a driver. . .hmmm. . .that is where the trouble begin.

Ralph insisted that he did not mind at all, so when our procedures were completed, they called him, and told him we were ready to be picked up.  That was all well and good, until he came in to let them know he had arrived.  That is when the doctor sat him down, and went over our medical info. . .whoooaaaaa. . .way more information than he ever wanted to know.  I told him, just wait 'til we're in our seventies, and they're explaining ALL our problems. . .ha ha. . .paybacks are some kind of fun!

Anyway, he's a great kid, and we are thankful to have him. . .sorry Bubba. . .love ya!

So now that the agony is behind us, Dave is headed to Laredo for a couple of days,  to teach a class, (again) and I am getting the RV ready to roll this weekend.  We will head to my Dad's place at Toledo Bend for some fishing, and visiting, and then, Lord willing, will begin our summer trip, beginning with Colorado Springs, and working our way north, then west, to Mt Rushmore, and Yellowstone.

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