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Monday, May 31, 2010

An Irrational Fear of Dogs

OK. . .I admit it. . .I have an irrational fear of other people's dogs. . .I do not want to pet them, I do not want them jumping on me, and basically, although I never say anything I would really prefer that everyone just keep their precious little angels to themselves.

All of these feelings of angst, left over from my Mailman days, have been brought to the forefront by my next door neighbor here in the RV park in South Dakota. He has a gorgeous German Shepherd. The first day we arrived the dog was outside, unattended, (the owner was not even home) on about a 12 foot leash. When we stepped out of the truck, he was barking and lunging at the end of the leash. . .ok, ok. . .I ignored him, we got set up. . .I got out the lawn chair to sit outside. . .not possible. . .the dog barked without taking a breath.

This poor animal was left out there for at least eight hours until the owner arrived home about 10 pm.

The next morning the owner of the RV park delivered a package to the owner of the dog. . .guess what? The dog BIT him. . .and NOW, the owner of the dog is allowing him to run around outside OFF leash.

I am terrified to go outside, and my hubby thinks I am being irrational. . .which I am!

I do NOT want to raise a stink, because the owner of the dog is SO STUPID, that after the dog biting incident, his statement was, "I'm taking the dog to have him put down." Are you crazy. . .you leave an animal chained up for hours with no exercise. . .creating untold pent up anxiety. . .and then when he reacts, you are going to kill him? I am just sick about the entire situation.

I want a refund, and to move to another RV Park. . .I have already spoken to the owner of the RV park, and he has basically stated that he has no intention of dealing with the situation. I'm sure he feels the same as I do, if he presses the issue, the STUPID owner will have the dog put down. . .What to do, what to do?


June 4, 2010 - Update - I am happy to report what I think is a fair resolution for all parties, hopefully, even the dog.

The campground owner did listen to my concerns, and did tell the owner that the dog would need to be on leash, and supervised at all times.  He further stated to me that he will be changing the park policy to state the same.

The owner has voluntarily chosen to take the dog to the animal center here in town, and surrender him.  The animal shelter will attempt to place the dog in a proper environment.  I am hoping with all the big ranches in this area, they will be able to find him a good home where he can have plenty of running room.

I believe this incident caused the campground owner to realize what a precarious position he was placing himself in, as far as liability.

I feel so much better about the entire situation, and it has been a pleasure to be able to go outside of my RV without the anxiety.  Thanks to everyone for your support.

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