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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back "Home" for a month

The skyline of Downtown Houston was a beautiful sight as we pulled in from San Antonio.

The very first Sunday home was Easter Sunday, which just also happened to be the first weekend that our church family was back in the building for regular services.  First Church was severely damaged from Hurricane Ike, so the entire year we have been gone, the congregation has been having service in a school auditorium. . .they call it their time in the wilderness.

Here are a few pics showing the auditorium in it's original decor circa 1998 versus present day decor. ..

1998 Dedication Service

Friends Day Service April 2010

Stained Glass in Baptistry 1998 (this pic does not do it justice)

Baptistry 2010, absolutely gorgeous
Our favorite pastor in the whole world, 1998, and there is his beautiful wife, peeking over the keyboard
and again, 2010, still looking good 12 years later. . .
as you can see in the background, not everything is completed, 
the sound system is still a work in progress, but it feels so good to be home.

Just a brief synopsis of the rest of our time at home.  It has been a whirlwind of visiting with the grands, not near as much as we would have liked, but everyone is busy with schedules, and sports, and church.

Our oldest grandson plays on the High School baseball team, so he has had a busy schedule.
Did I say he was busy?  I'm pretty sure he has a cell phone in each hand! 

 The youngest grandaughter plays softball, so we were able to make it to one of her tournaments.
She is a Daddy's girl, and definitely has him wrapped around her little finger!
This is our little missy in action. . .she was a pro as catcher!
They simply cannot be this big already.

The middle two grandaughters are still an hour away, and while they were able to come and stay for one entire weekend, their life is busy with school and church activities.

  Our oldest grandaughter will turn 13 tomorrow, which to me, just simply cannot be possible. 
 Where have the years gone? 
 Her new interest is scrapbooking, and since her Grammy is a craft nut, you know I am loving that.  She chose to spend part of her birthday money on scrap booking supplies, so here she is working on a project.

Her younger sister is quite the little ham, and is always available for a photo shoot. . .
She has informed me that she is going to be a designer, and I have no problem believing it.  She and I created this outfit on one of her visits, she helped with the designing and some of the sewing.  She purchased all of the accessories necessary to complete her ensemble.
She drew me this horse picture several years ago, and I will treasure it forever.  This was the inspiration for the purchase of the fabric with horses in the previous design. . .
and here she is designing her next masterpiece.

As you can tell, we are crazy about our kids and grandkids, and feel so blessed that they are willing to let us go off and create memories in our retirement years, but are always there to welcome us back with open arms.

Looking forward to our next adventure!

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