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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mitchell SD, claim to fame. . .the Corn Palace

Left Iowa on Tuesday. . .crossed over into South Dakota mid morning. . .beautiful farms all the way in. . .these are some hard working folk who live in this beautiful state.

Had a stopover in Mitchell SD. . .just because it was convenient. . .and because the roads in Iowa were so rough, we needed to make repairs to things that shook loose. . .wow. . .they fastened all the trim boards with brads. . .those do not hold up with the jolting, so we are screwing them in.  I guess we will just repair them as they fall off. . .two this trip. . .one on a previous trip. . .can't be too many left.

Found a great Passport America Park, R & R RV Park, right off the freeway. . .nice pull throughs. . .and even our twin was here. . .these folks are headed to Alaska. . .what are the chances that they would park us right together?  too funny. . .

Found out the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead was not too far away. . .as a child, I read every book she wrote, so I was excited to visit. . .however. . .in the NORTH Country, things do not open for the season until Memorial Day Weekend. . .so I guess I was a week early. . .I really hated to miss it. . .

Then, we found out that Mitchell SD is famous for the World's only Corn Palace, oh boy, oh boy. . .let's go see that.  Actually it was interesting in a bizarre sort of way. . .it is popular enough to be featured on the Travel Channel. . .
There are murals all the way around the building, which are created out of ears of corn which are cut in half, and screwed to plywood in a sort of paint by # design

Each year a different artist is chosen to design the murals for the upcoming season. . .the current murals are stripped down, and work begins on a new set. . .
As I said it was beautiful in a weird sort of way. . .lots of time and effort certainly goes into it, and 500,000 people per year visit. . .so there is definitely some appeal.
After all this excitement, we needed to drop off a few things at Goodwill. . .so while Dave made a deposit at the back door, I went in the front for a quick withdrawal. . .three St John's skirts that would have cost me $50 each at Penney's were mine for only $3.50 each. . .quick run through the wash, and nobody the wiser. . .what a deal!

In the morning we head to Mt Rushmore. . .looking forward to meeting up with RV friends and enjoying the experience for the next two weeks. . .check in again soon.

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