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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back in the Day:_White Settlement TX

Back to my childhood

A long time ago, forty years ago in fact, I lived in a little suburb of Fort Worth, called White Settlement. It was a great place to live. Carlsbad Air Force Base was located there, and we spent many hours parked along the Air Force runway watching the F-111's taking off, one after the other. . .

Way back then, we lived in this huge four bedroom house, with an enormous lawn. . .I discovered when I drove back by the house this week, that it has shrunk considerably. . .and it is so much closer to the street than I remembered.

Where the little shrub is now growing in the front yard, there was a huge sycamore tree, that I used to climb. I know I was at least 13 the last time I climbed it. . .I'm pretty sure my Dad threatened my life. It seems I remember him telling me that he better not catch me in that tree again. . .can you imagine?. . .thirteen years old, still climbing trees, and in a dress, no less. . .

This was the teenage hangout on White Settlement Road. . .I was too young to hang out here, but I do remember they had great hamburgers. Years later, when working at the Friendswood Post Office. . .a co-worker and I were discussing where we grew up, and lo and behold, this hamburger joint was owned by one of her family members. . .and she hung out there all the time. Three hundred miles away, and thirty five years later we met up. . .and became the best of friends. . .it really is a small world.

This was my Junior High, on Cherry Rd. . .I could still pick out my Choir classroom. . .I spent a lot of time staring out those windows daydreaming. . .I remember all that daydreaming cost me a low conduct grade. . .I wouldn't go back for the world. . .but those were fun days. . .

This was the church I attended, First Church of Fort Worth. I'm pretty sure back then it was called White Settlement United Pentecostal Church. The white building in the back was an old, clapboard style structure. . .probably built in the forties. As you can see, it has been updated.

My Dad, and the men of the church spent many, many long hours, late into the night, constructing the new building. Isn't it ironic that twenty nine years ago, my brother in law, Curtis, and his bride, Brenda, were married here, and that this church is now pastored by Donovan Burkett, whom we met when he was a mere child in the Youth Group at our home church in Pearland, Tx. . .again, three hundred miles away.

Loop 820 did not exist all those years ago, so I certainly never knew that Lake Worth was practically on our doorstep. . .this is a shot of the back of Carswell AFB. . .you can see the planes sitting out to the side of the runway. . .we always sat on the other side to watch the planes taking off, and when we went to the lake, it was down a long winding road, that took ages. . .I remember making that drive many, many times to Lake Worth Beach after service on Sunday Night, so someone could be baptized. . .those were exciting times when you were a kid. . .

Now, Lake Worth is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from White Settlement on the freeway. . .in fact, Fort Worth, Lake Worth, and White Settlement are just one big city. . .you can hardly tell where one ends, and the next begins.

We had a wonderful visit with our brother, and sister in law, and all their church family. . .great friends, great food, and great fellowship. . .what more is there to life?

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