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Monday, August 3, 2009

Back in the Day:_Seattle WA

Seattle Washington
is phenomally beautiful.

brought us to this park overlooking downtown,
and the Space Needle.
You cannot go to Seattle
without a trip to Pike's Place Market,
right on the wharf. . .

As you can see, my mailman roots are showing. . .

which has been featured on Food Network, for throwing fish

is a set of stairs leading up, to a wonderful breakfast place. . .
Not only did they have great food,
fresh orange juice,and awesome coffee,
the view of the Puget Sound was one of the best we found.

Right across from the main Farmer's Market,
is the Original Starbucks. . .

Please note the difference in the logo. . .
When Starbucks went national,
they had to revise their logo a little bit.

here is Dave, perusing the offerings. . .
he was not going to miss an opportunity
to bring home Starbucks. . .ahhhh!

Here is the Pagoda and entrance to Pioneer Square.

At Pioneer Square you will find the Underground Tour,
which we highly recommend, the tribute to the
Seattle Fire Fighter's who lost their lives,
and lots and lots of homeless people standing,
and sitting everywhere.

Panhandlers were prevalent in this area of town,
and while they were a nuisance,
we did not feel threatened in any way.

The City of Seattle has a strict NO Panhandling ordinance. . .
but alas. . .be prepared.

Once again, Gray Line Bus Tours was our venue of choice for a trip to
Mt Ranier National Park.

Gray Line picked us up at a downtown hotel,
and although it was an all day trip,
it was worth every minute. . .and every penny. . .

We began seeing the mountain a long time before we got anywhere near it,
our tour guide kept telling us wait to take pictures,
it is only going to get better,

and it did!

Due to the massive amounts of snow the winter before we arrived,
numerous avalanches had done massive damage
all the way up to the lodge.

One side of the mountain was so damaged,
we were unable to drive on that side of it,
so we did not get the entire tour
that is normally available.

Once we entered the Mt Ranier National Park,
elevation changes were very noticeable. . .

Our tour guide was absolutely right. . .
it only got more beautiful and fantastic as we went along.

Can you imagine having this view out the window of your home,
or on your daily commute. . .

Could you ever begin to take that for granted?

Our Alaska cruise was the next thing on our agenda,
but we enjoyed every minute in Seattle.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to email me. . .

Thanks for reading my blog!

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