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Friday, November 25, 2011

Evans Escapades–Camping Out in the Woods

Our beautiful Space #60 in the woods - 50 amp service - no sewer
Here we are all snuggled up in the woods in Sam Houston National Forest in a lovely little campground named Double Lake Recreation Area. . .
Double Lake Swimming Hole
Double Lake is consider the local “swimming hole.”  Sadly this is all there is of it at the moment. . .the drought has taken a toll on of the lakes in Texas. . .but this is the first one I have seen that is completely GONE!
Keith Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2011
Dave’s family reunion was just great. . .here’s a shot of the next generation of cuteness. . .the one on the right is our youngest nephew. . .of course we think he is just adorable. . .as are his second cousins!
Keith Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2011 - Bailey the Beggar - so adorable
This is Bailey the Beggar. . .she sat just like this then entire time I was eating. . .let me tell you . . .it was very difficult to resist that face. . .but resist I did. . .I didn’t dare feed someone else’s puppy table scraps. . .since I never fed them to my own dogs.

We head back to my Dad’s tomorrow. . .check on my Uncle who is in the hospital. . attend my niece’s wedding on Monday. . .then see you in Houston next week! - Most $25 Gift Certificates for on

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