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Friday, November 18, 2011

Evans Escapades–Still in College Station

Here we are, still in College Station until next Wednesday, when we’ll head over to Cleveland for the annual Thanksgiving Day Keith Family Reunion at Dave’s cousins.

We have a reservation made at Double Lake Recreation area. . .had no idea they had RV spaces.  The ranger called last week to verify our reservation, and to let us know the ban burn is still in effect. . .so no campfires, no charcoal grills, etc.  Not a problem for us. . .we’re looking forward to seeing the park’s setup, as this would be a really convenient place to stay on occasion.

When we leave there, we’ll stop by my Dad’s place for a couple of days. . .long enough to attend my niece’s wedding the Monday after Thanksgiving. ..then on to Houston to celebrate our oldest grandchild’s 17th birthday. . .unbelievable. . .and spend the rest of the holidays with the family.

Hoping to see you a few of you . . .let us know if you can work us into your schedule. . .ha ha! - Most $25 Gift Certificates for on

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