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Friday, December 2, 2011

Evans Escapades: Rain - Mud–Weddings and Birthdays

It has been quite a week. . .we left Double Lake on Saturday morning, headed to my Dad’s place. . .
Beautiful and desperately needed rain. ..although we don’t normally travel on bad weather days, it was a really short trip. . .and no major highways, so we headed out. . .all was well until we got to Dad’s place. . .started backing in to the same place we’ve been parking for the last two years. . .never when it’s been wet though!

DRAMA. . .trust me. . .if there is any drama to be found. . .WE will find it.   This is probably the only soft spot in the whole place. . .and once it sunk. . .there was no moving it!
Thank the Lord for Emergency RoadSide Service to the rescue. . .thank you Hatch Wrecker Service. . .they were so nice!  Even offered to trade us their entire business, all the equipment, and the employees for our rig. . .even swap.  THAT was a definite NO. . .Thanks!  Once we got out of that little jam. . .we headed to the nearest RV park.
Here’s the entire reason for making the trip back to my Dad’s. . .my beautiful niece Kinsey’s wedding. . .
here’s our adorable great nephew Austin enjoying his favorite part of the wedding. . .once the wedding festivities were over, we could finally head for Houston and my grands fix. . .
Yes indeed!  If only I could put a brick on their heads. . .
and stop them from having birthdays. . .
I would be a happy grandma!
We are hoping to settle into a boring routine of catching up on projects until Christmas. . .ha!
Talk to you next week. . .we are off to find some Texas barbecue! With our entertainment coupon, we're going to buy one dinner, get one free at AJ's Meathouse in Dickinson. . .we already know they have good stuff. . .so the coupon is a bonus. on link below to see the details.

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