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Monday, April 5, 2010

One last trip to the River Walk in San Antonio

Not knowing how long it may be before we return to San Antonio, Dave and I, along with friends, Katie and Eddie, felt the need to make one last trip to the River Walk, and the Alamo.

The entire time we have been at the RV park, we have ridden the bus downtown, but for this trip, we decided to take the truck.  Big mistake.  Parking in San Antonio is at a premium, and finding a space big enough for our truck set our friends pocketbook back $15.  Ouch.

Once you are parked though, you are within walking distance of all the sights.
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First stop, the Alamo.  Although we have been there on several occasions, we had never had an opportunity to take pictures of the gardens, which are beautiful, so that was my top priority. 

  Walking straight across the street from the Alamo, and through the Hilton Hotel's lobby,  leads to the River Walk, which was our actual destination. 
This beautiful mosaic depicts major historical sights with the city. . .

and then at last, out to the River Walk.  Since we had some time to kill, before dinner, Katie and I shopped, and Dave and Eddie found a nice spot in the shade and entertained themselves, people watching.
We enjoyed our time in San Antonio, and met lots of new friends that we hope to see again down the road.

We are off to Schulenburg next to tour the painted churches.

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