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Monday, June 2, 2014

Ice Floes in June on Lake Superior

Travel Day - St Ignace MI to Rapid River MITravel Day - St Ignace MI to Rapid River MI

unlike our beautiful travel day along Lake Michigan a few days ago. . .

today it is drizzly and foggy. . .so nothing too exciting to show you. . .

Had a short trip to the Vagabond Resort,

a Passport America park in Rapid River MI. . .

now, I would call it more of a campground, than a resort. . .

but they were very accommodating,  and changed us to a larger site

the minute they saw what we were in. . .a very lovely overnight stay.


We unhooked the jeep, and headed off for a day trip right away. . .

we had heard, and been told by a RV friend, Marilu, that there were

still ice floes on Lake Superior. . .an unusual occurrence this late in the season

and we wanted to see if for ourselves. . .

Ice Floes on Lake Superior

it was true. . .there was quite a lot of ice still on the lake. . .

Ice Floes on Lake SuperiorCanada Geese on the Ice Floes on Lake Superior

the birds certainly seemed to be enjoying it. . .

Coast Guard Cutter - Ice Floes on Lake SuperiorIce Floes on Lake Superior

at the Coast Guard Station, and the Town Park

Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, Ice Floes on Lake Superior

the lovely Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

more beautiful images of the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse from the web

this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to see ice on

a Great Lake as we never plan to be here in the winter. . .no way!

2014-05-30 2014-05-30 001 007 

with our day at Lake Superior, we have now at least laid eyes on

all five of the Great Lakes (bucket list). . .

but by no means have we even begun to explore all

this area has to offer. . .we could spend years here,

and never see it all. . .it has been a great experience to see each and every one.

til next time,

Janice and Dave

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