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Thursday, June 10, 2010


We made it, we made it, we made it. . .I am so excited!
I have been dreaming of seeing Yellowstone since I was in the fourth grade, when my teacher told us about boiling water coming out of the ground. . .

She said it was so hot you could boil an egg, or heat a baby's bottle. . .wow, what a great mental picture she painted. . .and at last. . .forty something years later, I have seen it for myself. . .amazing. . .
so we absolutely played tourist this first day. . .as soon as we had the RV set up, I couldn't wait. . .
I had to get there to see Old Faithful as quickly as possible!
our timing was perfect. . .she put on a show within minutes. . .

Dave. . .proudly displaying his BP logo!
the boiling water flows straight into the Little Firehole River. . .I still hafta research that. . .I'll be interested to see how the water from the geysers affects the composition of the river, and the fishing, of course!

Next up. . .a drive around the Grand Loop.
Yellowstone Traffic Jam!

I'm sure they were heading to greener pastures. . .
It was starting to rain, so we almost bypassed this turnout. . .sure glad we didn't!
I love nature in any form. . .I could see the hand of God everywhere I looked.
still snow on the ground at 8200 feet. . .and more snow predicted. . .even where we are in West Yellowstone. . .at least 50 miles away. . .and 2000 feet lower in elevation. . .YIKES!
and gorgeous Yellowstone Lake. . .elevation 7200. . .141 miles of shoreline. . .400 ft deep. . .ringed by mountains, and steaming caldrons. . .

We can't wait to see more. . .I intend to check out every nook and cranny while we are here for the next three months. . .so check back often for updates.

Of course this is only a few of our pics. . .to see more:

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