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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Loving our New Life

I know it must seem that all we do is goof off. . .and while that is true some of the time. . .we are also very busy, planning our work, and working our plan.

When we retired, we knew that we were too young to touch our savings without paying a huge penalty. . .and hello, I've handed over enough already, thank you very much. . .so, we ventured forth with a plan to become Workampers, which would allow us to park our RV for free, in awesome spots around the country, in exchange for performing a few duties.

Now there have been folks who have been doing this for years, and years, volunteering at State and National Parks. . .or working in tourist areas during high season.  The more we read and studied, the more we knew we were cut out for this type of lifestyle. . .we never meet a stranger. . .we've always jumped in and helped out. . .and we naturally seem to be put in charge of projects whether we choose to be in charge or not.

Wow, what a fantastic year it has been. . .and now we are on to the next step in our journey.

I have been writing my own Sunday School lessons for years and years, so now I am working on a website for Sunday School teachers.  It is a work in progress, but eventually, I will post ready to teach lessons, tips, and ideas for how to conduct an interactive class.  Our kids have so many exciting things at their fingertips, if we think they are going to sit, and listen to us drone on, we have another think coming.  We need to be ready to step into a new age of teaching, and figure out a way to quit just telling stories, and instead start planting seeds.  If a child meets their parents at the door of the classroom, and cannot tell the parent what their Sunday School lesson was about, it is time to make some changes, big changes!

In addition, I have ordered 100 copies of the Bible Study, Into His Marvelous Light, and we have been sharing it at every campground we stay at.  Sometimes, we just leave it in the social networking area, with our contact info. . .and sometimes, as we are having a conversation with folks, the opportunity arises, and I am able to share a copy with them.  I have finally learned, in my old age, that I am not required to save anyone, I am only required to share the marvelous gospel of Jesus Christ with them. . .and then each person must make their own decisions concerning their salvation, so I am making it my business to share.

Dave has taught classes for Texas A&M for years and years. . .so he is now converting that teaching knowledge into RV Training and Maintenance Presentations.  Through Workamping, we have made contact with the most fabulous folks, Terry and Evada Cooper, owners of Mobile RV Academy.  We are thrilled that they are sponsoring us in this new endeavor. . .and we are excited to be presenting their classes and information to the RV'ing community.  We are gearing up, and plan to hit the ground running when we arrive in Arizona in September.

We are enjoying every moment of our new life. . .along with God's many, many blessings!

Stay tuned for our next post about hiking in Yellowstone. . .we have some marvelous pics. . .we even saw our first grizzly. . .she was a long ways away. . .which is the best way to see them in my opinion.

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