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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back in Conroe. . .come see us!

After the two surgeries on Monday,
the doctor’s appointments on Wednesday,
and spending a couple of nights at my brother’s place
after my sis in law’s surgery,
(just to be sure there was someone there if she needed anything,)
we arrived back to the motorhome Friday evening,
knowing that we would spend Saturday fixing a water leak
that we had discovered before we left. . .fun!  Ha. . .

If you’re just dying to know all about it,
you can see the pics and tales of woe here. . .

Dave leaves tomorrow to teach a class. . .yaaa. . .
so I will spend the week doing Lord only knows what. . .
but I’m sure I’ll have no problem staying busy. . .
Not sure how I ever had time for a full time job,
raising two kids, teaching Sunday School,
and the million other things we always had going on. . .

Goodness. . .I sure enjoy not having all that on my plate. . .(big smile!)

‘til next time,
Janice and Dave

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