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Monday, August 13, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–a visit from the Grand

We offered all the grands a trip to Colorado to visit. . .
but, due to work schedules, sports schedules, and camp schedules,
(it’s crazy how busy these kiddos are,)
only one, our oldest grandaughter, Breaunna,
was able to take us up on the offer. . .so we picked her up at the airport on Saturday. 
This was her first solo flight. . .and even with four delays she did beautifully. . .so proud!
Since getting out in a tourist area on the weekends is not usually a great idea. . .
we took it easy on Sunday. . .and started Breaunna’s sightseeing adventures on Monday. . .
First, a picnic lunch at a beautiful sculpture park in Loveland,
Breaunna's trip to Colorado by herself
Benson Sculpture Park is an amazing place. . .
we only saw a small fraction of the sculptures. 
Art Castings of Colorado is located in Loveland,
so sculpting is a huge part of the local economy,
which is obvious everywhere in the city. 
Being an artist, I loved it all. . .and so did Bree!

She asked me to teach her to paint. . .ha ha. . .no small task mind you. . .
but we spent lots of time “painting” when she was little and I had a workshop.
I would hang a long roll of paper out on the fence. . .
pull an old t shirt on over her clothes. . .and she would go to town. 
She got really good at the Donna Dewberry style painting. . .
I’ll be getting all those tapes back out,
so she and I can practice while we are in Texas.
Breaunna's trip to Colorado by herself
My favorite. . .

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