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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leaving Estes Park

For those of you who follow us on FaceBook, you’ve already know the story. . .this is for the rest of you.


We have decided to leave our volunteer position in Estes Park.  Having never left a workamping job early. . .this makes us very, very sad. . .but we were promised 30 amp service for our RV. . .and only had 20 amp. . .


Now for those of you who RV that means something. . .for everyone else. . .imagine every time you turned on the microwave, you tripped the breaker for the entire house. . .that’s about what it equates to.  Because we monitor our electrical usage with a voltage meter. . .we knew right away, ten weeks ago, that there was a problem. . .but we were assured repeatedly that it was going to be solved. . .and that they were working on it.


2012-07-17 2012-07 Colorado - Loveland 003

Here was the final resolution. . .and the final straw that broke the camel’s back. . .so to speak. . .a 10 gauge wire strung 200 feet across the ground. . .after this “fix” we determined that we could not continue to put our home, our electrical system in our rig, and our safety in jeopardy. . .without going into a lot of electrical gobbledy gook. . .let me just say. . .this is NOT up to any kind of code. . .

2012-07-17 2012-07 Colorado - Loveland 007

So. . .here’s our home base in lovely Loveland, Colorado for the next month. . .and while it’s not the fabulous location and view we had in Estes Park, we do have great service. . .and is a great central location to enjoy the area. . .especially when Curtis and Brenda come to spend some time with us in a couple of weeks.


Not sure where we will head to next. . .we know it will be south. . .maybe Santa FE NM. . .we’ll see. . .


Leave us a comment, or send us a note. . .we miss you guys, and love to hear from you. . .



Janice & David

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