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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our trip to the Rio Grand Valley was over before we could blink

Last week we were in the Rio Grand Valley, 

in shirt sleeves, eating at a restaurant right on the Rio Grand River, 
with our RVing friends, Katie and Eddie. . .
this park and playground was across the river in Mexico. . .
in Hidalgo TX, we were able to be within walking distance of the Border Fence . . . there was a walkway leading to where the Border Patrol were. . .but we didn't walk that far up.
also in Hidalgo was the very first irrigation pump used to pump water from the Rio Grand river to the fields in the Rio Grand area. . .the pump has been preserved, and there is a museum.

And alas . . .that was the end of our Rio Grand Valley Adventure. . .we received a call that night from my brother, saying that his Mother in Law had passed. . .since she had lived with them the past two years, we knew her very well, and felt the need to return home to be with our family. . .and offer our support.
So, here's the skyline of my favorite city, Houston TX, which we passed through last Friday on our way back to my Dad's place. . .no matter what your GPS tells you. . .if you are going through Houston on I-10. . .stay on I-10 all the way through.  Our GPS wanted to send us on two alternate routes, both of which we knew had huge, crazy bridges over the Houston Ship Channel. . .not our idea of fun, and which in the end would not have saved any time whatsoever.  To me, this is the one drawback to traveling, when you need to go through a big city, you don't know any better than to do as the GPS, or the map says. . .and sometimes, that is not great.  

Anyway, here we are parked at Dad's place again. . .making every effort to keep the water hose from freezing. . .ai yai yai. . .not fun. . .we will probably be here for the next two weeks.  

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