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Monday, November 15, 2010

So Happy to Be Back in TEXAS!

We enjoyed every moment we spent in Montana this summer. . .but when it was time to come home, we couldn't get back to our home country of Texas fast enough.

Coming home through Salt Lake City meant we could add one more picture of a State Capital Building to our collection:

 and also required stopping to see the beautiful Mormon Tabernacle. . .

We didn't arrive in time to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but there was an organ practice going on, so we did get to hear the pipe organ being played.  It was magnificent.

The gardens were beautiful.

and of course the Great Salt Lake is a can't miss. . .

Once we left Salt Lake City, we discovered that Utah is very, very brown in October. . .

and here we are at a truck stop somewhere in Utah, having a yummy DQ meal

We made a quick one day stop at Zion National Park. . .so worth it

After leaving Zion, we made about a two hour detour to go through Las Vegas, (trust me, this was my idea, not Dave's.)  A one night stay at the KOA RV Park behind the Circus Circus Complex just off the strip was $57. . .and we were literally parked on a paved parking lot.  We had contemplated staying two nights, but once we got there, and discovered the crowds, we quickly decideded to just do a quick tour, and be on our way.  We went down to Fremont Street, and took some really good pics, but I can't seem to find them.  . .so I guess I will share them later.

Our intention was to stop in Albuquerque, and see the balloon festival, but the weather was sort of iffy, so we chose to go on through to Santa Fe NM, and meet up with friends for a couple of days, and then on to Texas.

And that was literally the end of our summer break. . .no sooner did we arrive back in Texas, than we got a call from my brother and sis in law, to say that my Dad had been involved in a very serious vehicle accident.

As I have found so many times in my life, God's timing is absolutely perfect.  We had arrived back home at just the moment we would be needed, and were able to arrive at my Dad's place within four hours.  Thank you God for your faithfulness.  Had the accident happened while we were still in Montana, I would have been beside myself trying to get home.  October has been a crazy, busy month.  Dad required an extensive hospital stay due to being on a blood thinner, and suffering numerous fractured ribs.  It took about ten days to get his bloodwork stableized enough to do the knee surgery he required, and then he need another 10 day stay in a rehabilitation hospital for physical therapy.  He has now arrived home, and is getting around very well with a walker.  We anticipate being here a while longer, until he is up and about.  

Although Dad and Mom have this beautiful place, thirteen acres is a little too much for them to keep up with at this stage of their lives.  My four brothers and I are strongly encouraging them to downsize to a smaller place.  They have agreed in theory. . .getting them moving is another matter.

Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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