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Saturday, September 26, 2009

September in New Mexico

We have been traveling constantly for the past month. We took a week off at Labor Day, and stayed in a small town named Chama, NM. The RV park was right on the Chama River, which was a clear, beautiful little stream, where you could see the rainbow trout swimming.

Although we swallowed hard and paid the exorbitant fee for an out of state fishing license, alas, we quickly discovered, we have no idea how to catch a rainbow trout in clear water. We only know how to catch catfish in a muddy East Texas river or lake, but we had a great time trying, and Dave got lots of practice with his new fly fishing rod.

Santa Fe, NM, pictured above, was my favorite stop of the entire trip. It was just a beautiful little city, and the downtown area was an absolute delight. We spent an entire Saturday just enjoying and taking in the entire place. We walked miles and miles.

The Fiesta on the Plaza was in full swing, and the street food was just great. I have even discovered that I prefer Indian fry bread over funnel cakes. I never dreamed anything could take the place of funnel cakes.

Once we left Santa Fe, we only did overnight stops on our way back to our home country of Texas, and arrived back in Houston, or rather, Dickinson a few days ago.

First thing on the agenda. . .seeing the grands, so we had two of them over for supper the first night back, and will have the other two spending next weekend. Then my trip will be complete. . .

When we leave here, we will be heading to San Antonio, where I have accepted the position of Activities Director for a large RV park. We are making every attempt to get together with Dave's family while we are in town, since we will not be back for six months. We made a stop by Toledo Bend on the way in to see my Dad, and brothers, and to let them know our plans for the next few months.

Dave will continue to teach fire and safety classes for A&M, so will just travel from SA to College Station, or wherever his assignments are. Since the college provides his hotel, I will hold down the fort while he is gone.

Hope everyone is doing well. Drop us a note to let us know what you are up to. Hugs, Janice and David

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